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What sensitivity is best for an ovulation test?

October 15, 2018

Ovulation tests come in a range of different sensitivities – this is denoted by the mIU/mL number (for example, 20 mIU/mL or 40 mIU/mL).

The sensitivity you choose depends on what works for you. The “average” woman will have an LH (Luteinizing Hormone) level in her body of anywhere between 5 – 20 mIU/ml. (LH is the hormone that sets off ovulation). At the time of the ovulation surge, the basal level rises to approximately 50-200 mIU/ml. At this level, the egg is released.  This means that the majority of women could use a test with a sensitivity of 25 – 40 mIU/ml.

However, some women (such as those nearing menopause) may find that their levels of LH never reach what is considered ‘normal’. In cases like this, the 20 mIU/mL tests would be a better option.

Overall, we would recommend you try with our less sensitive tests first (such as our 40 mIU/mL ones). If those don’t work for you, then you could try the 25 or 20 mIU/mL types.

You can see our range of ovulation tests here:


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