Stock Update for Early 2021

UPDATE: Sorry, but there is now no ETA for new stock. It is too difficult to get product from overseas at this time.

Hi everyone,

Due to Covid-19, we have seen production delays with our overseas suppliers and large increases in freight costs from both the UK and the USA (the two countries that we source our products from). Another factor at work is Brexit, which is also a problem (albeit a smaller one) for our UK suppliers.

Many products at Baby and You are sold out or will sell out within the next few weeks/months. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do about this. We hope to get more stock by March of this year but this is not guaranteed.

Once more stock becomes available we may have to increase our prices. As you will have noticed, our prices are already very low and there is little profit margin, which means we cannot absorb the increased freight costs (which are 100 to 200% greater from the UK and 50 to 100% greater from the USA when compared to this time last year). We hope to be able to absorb some of the increased costs and that prices can remain the same, but it is expected that they will have to rise by 10% or so.

All the best on your fertility journey and thank you for your support of our New Zealand owned business!

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