First Response® Pre-Seed Lubricant (40g + 9 Applicators)


Pre-Seed is the first “sperm-friendly” vaginal lubricant that mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing an optimal sperm environment.

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Pre-Seed’s patented formula was uniquely developed by a sperm physiologist to match fertile cervical mucus in pH, osmolality and viscosity, providing an optimal sperm environment for couples who are trying to conceive. Most lubricants harm sperm or reduce motility and should not be used while trying to conceive. Pre-Seed’s formula is the only moisturizing intimate lubricant that does not interfere with human sperm motility and DNA quality, or damage embryo development. Pre-Seed applicators allow the dosage to be chosen according to each woman’s needs. Pre-Seed is applied inside the vaginal canal to best mimic natural secretions. This allows sperm to encounter an optimal environment following ejaculation, as they start their journey.

Why choose Pre-Seed?

  • Mild isotonic formula does not harm sperm motility, the fertilisation process or embryo development
  • pH balanced to match fertile cervical mucus
  • Contains a naturally occurring bioactive plant sugar (Arabinogalactan) shown to provide antioxidant support for sperm function.
  • Internal application coats the cervix providing moisture and an optimal environment for sperm where it is needed most at their point of contact following ejaculation.
  • The first and only lubricant cleared by the FDA for use during fertility interventions and approved to claim it is “safe for use” by couples while trying to conceive.
  • Shown in clinical studies at Ghent University to be less irritating than leading brands of lubricants.
  • Extensively studied and clinically tested, the results of which have been published in many medical journals and presented at major medical meetings. Please visit our Science pages to review the many clinical studies which have been conducted around the world.
  • Numerous US and International Patents.
  • Is rigorously lot tested prior to sale to assure its fertility-friendly nature.
  • Does not create a barrier to sperm movement out of semen unlike other lubricants

Directions for use:

PreSeed’s® moisture can best mimic natural secretions when applied intravaginally. Insert the applicator into the vagina to deposit Pre~Seed® prior to intercourse. See enclosed instructions for complete directions and information. Do not store lubricant in the applicator for more than 30 minutes prior to use.

External Lubrication: PreSeed® can also be used as an external lubricant. Squeeze a small amount (approximately the size of a 10 cent piece) onto your fingertips and apply to the genital area.

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