First-Time Mom – A Crash Course: What’s to Know About Pregnancy?

You just found out that you are pregnant and this is your first go-around. There are so many emotions running through you right now; you’re shaking, you’re happy, you want to cry, all at once.  Deep breath, my friend. This is all very normal! Seeing a plus sign on your pregnancy test or reading the […]

Pregnancy Diet: Foods You Should Eat to Alleviate Common Pregnancy Symptoms

As a parent, you can’t start caring for your unborn baby soon enough – and obviously, that’s a good thing! Once you find out that you have a little human growing inside of you, your maternal instincts will kick in pretty much immediately. You will want to give your fetus a head-start and do a […]

How Endometriosis May Affect Your Fertility

Endometriosis can occur in women of childbearing potential and is characterized by the growth of endometria outside of your uterus. Tissue that normally lines your uterus, is deposited into different locations inside of your body – which primarily constitute the lower abdominal region. Generally, this causes significant and chronic pelvis pain, and has a profound […]

Pregnancy Changes: Five Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are pregnant… or perhaps just thinking about having a baby? This journey will uncover many firsts, beautiful experiences, and wonderful memories. But is that really it? Or are there perhaps things that “fall through the cracks” and are coincidentally not mentioned? What is it that nobody tells you about pregnancy? Things carefully hidden […]

What Is Gestational Diabetes and How Did I Deal With It?

The first time I heard the term gestational diabetes was during my first pregnancy. During one of my routine visits, my midwife told me about the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). To be honest, I did not know what it was until she called me one day to tell me that my GTT result did not look […]

How Do I Prevent and Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

There are many different changes that a woman will go through when she is experiencing pregnancy. Due to the stretching of the skin, a woman may experience stretch marks as a result of her pregnancy. While stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, there may be some ways to help manage them. What are […]

Why You Should Consider Fertility Lubricant When Trying to Conceive

Before you start trying to conceive, get to know your body. If you’re on a hormonal form of birth control, this can be difficult because it creates an artificial cycle. If you can, get off of your birth control a few months before you start to try so that you can track your natural cycle. […]

Get Paid to Write for Us

We are currently no longer accepting expressions of interest. Do you enjoy writing and want to get paid for your work? Write concise yet easy to read articles for us and we will pay you up to $100 an article. PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE BASED IN NEW ZEALAND. We will pay: $20 for […]

Maybe Baby® Ovulation Microscope Price Comparison in NZ

Where can you buy the lowest price Maybe Baby ovulation saliva microscope in New Zealand? Well, right here at Baby and You! Read on for a comparison of prices from over seven different suppliers in New Zealand and you will see that we are the cheapest. Our latest and lowest price is now $38. We […]

woman being sick in toilet due to morning sickness

How do I know I’m pregnant without taking a pregnancy test?

There a myriad of ‘symptoms’ which can accompany pregnancy. We have outlined a few below, Missed period – If fertilization has occurred then your uterus stops releasing eggs and menstruation will stop. This is a good sign that you are pregnant, but, there are other factors at play. For instance, people with very low body-fat […]

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