Why You Should Consider Fertility Lubricant When Trying to Conceive

Before you start trying to conceive, get to know your body. If you’re on a hormonal form of birth control, this can be difficult because it creates an artificial cycle. If you can, get off of your birth control a few months before you start to try so that you can track your natural cycle. […]

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Do you enjoy writing and want to get paid for your work? Write concise yet easy to read articles for us and we will pay you up to $100 an article. We will pay: $20 for a short 400-word article/blog post $50 for a medium length 750-word article/blog post $80 to $100 for a 1000+ […]

Maybe Baby® Ovulation Microscope Price Comparison in NZ

Where can you buy the lowest price Maybe Baby ovulation saliva microscope in New Zealand? Well, right here at Baby and You! Read on for a comparison of prices from over seven different suppliers in New Zealand and you will see that we are the cheapest.  

woman being sick in toilet due to morning sickness

How do I know I’m pregnant without taking a pregnancy test?

There a myriad of ‘symptoms’ which can accompany pregnancy. We have outlined a few below, Missed period – If fertilization has occurred then your uterus stops releasing eggs and menstruation will stop. This is a good sign that you are pregnant, but, there are other factors at play. For instance, people with very low body-fat […]

chart showing hcg levels over time

What is the best time to test for pregnancy?

It’s best to test in the morning If you’re looking for the best time of day, then it’s generally best to test in the early morning when you first go to the bathroom. This is because hCG levels tend to be higher, and you’re more likely to see a positive pregnancy test result. You can […]

ovulation test being held in two hands

What sensitivity is best for an ovulation test?

Ovulation tests come in a range of different sensitivities – this is denoted by the mIU/mL number (for example, 20 mIU/mL or 40 mIU/mL). The sensitivity you choose depends on what works for you. The “average” woman will have an LH (Luteinizing Hormone) level in her body of anywhere between 5 – 20 mIU/ml. (LH is […]

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